Science Experiment with Faith

I wonder…could you do an experiment… see how easy/hard it is to “walk the walk” of a Christian (not the hypocritical Christian, but your best idea of the Christian who genuinely loves and follows Christ), depending on God to help you through it…? If so, I want you to read my “faith vs. works” thread first if you try that.

And/or why not do an experiment and pray for a month (or longer) and see what happens? Don’t just ask for stuff…. talk to Him about everything…. vent all your angry questions to Him… and, if you have time, write it down… that way you’ll have evidence when your prayers are answered.

This is an experiment, so in your hypothesis you can outline that your preconceived notions include that there is nothing out there to hear your prayers — but if there were, it would have x, y, z, etcetera, qualities (also according to your preconceived notions). Once the experiment is done, go back and outline where you were (potentially) right and where you were wrong.

Hey… it may just be the strangest thing you’ve ever done. Could be an adventure. Conducive to creativity and all that.

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