Satan is not actually "Lucifer"

You won’t find anywhere in the Bible where it says Lucifer tempted Eve to eat the forbidden fruit. There was a serpent/dragon in Genesis, and Satan is referred to as a serpent/dragon elsewhere in the Bible besides Genesis… like in Revelation 20:2 “And he laid hold of the dragon, the serpent of old, who is the devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years” — saying “serpent of old” is referring to the tempting of Eve.

Although I’ve heard people try to say it because of the “morning star” connection (explained below) — Jesus is not Lucifer. Not even Satan is Lucifer, as far as the Bible is concerned.

Although even today many call Satan “Lucifer” due to interpreting poetic language in a way it was not meant — Lucifer is not one of Satan’s names (in the Bible), but instead is translated “star of the morning” in Isaiah 14:12 and refers to the king of Babylon (v4), a type (prefiguration) of the “beast” (antichrist) who will lead the Babylon of the last days (info from Zondervan’s NASB study bible notes). The phrase “star of the morning” is not synonymous with “Satan” but is figurative language of the king’s high position (see Num 24:17; Rev 2:18-29; 22:16).

In Luke 10:18, Jesus does not use the word “Lucifer” and He is not referring to a time in the past, but to His present. His comment comes after the disciples mention even the demons are subject to them. It would be silly to consider Lucifer an actual star that can fall out of the sky — this is not what Jesus meant. And He certainly wasn’t referring to Himself.

Ezekiel 28 is referring to either the city of Tyre as a ruler, or to Ethbaal II, the king then ruling Tyre. Much of the chapter is using poetic, not literal, language.

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4 Responses to Satan is not actually "Lucifer"

  1. Ichthus says:

    The way Satan uses knowledge is far from neutral. Adam and Eve could have had as much knowledge as God could give them if they had asked Him for it. That they broke unity to try to attain it apart from Him is how they came to know evil. Yes, actually Satan is an enemy of both man (made in God’s image) and God — and not by chance — Satan chose to fall from his position as an angel, and chose to try to separate man from God (assuming that’s how it literally went down). Adam and Eve started out perfect and the standard is perfection (love) – and He loves us even though we don’t meet it. That they would never have sinned (broke unity with Him) if they were actually perfect (in union with Him) is evidently not true. They didn’t know anything other than unity, in order to know to avoid disunity… by the time they knew… it was too late… it could not be undone. In Eden… Adam and Eve had free will to eat or not to eat the forbidden fruit. It is not that their freedom began when they ate of the fruit. Before they ate the fruit, they were freely following God. We have the same freedom — to follow God, or to go our own (or another’s) way. Since God’s way is the way to life (Love), I freely choose to follow Him. All other ways lead to a dead end. So I (not because I’m perfect… just because I’m forgiven) WILL choose life (Christ’s forgiveness), and I WON’T choose a path with a dead end (the path of evil always has a dead end)…. freely… and without hesitation.I prefer to focus on God’s greatness, personally. Satan and demons in general are a spiritual infestation, a distraction. With God in your heart, that is a non-issue. You can focus on much greater things, like self-sacrificial love, which maintain a strong spiritual immunity against such infestations…

  2. Words Of Vision says:

    This is a wonderful and informative piece that you have written. The truth is growing at a rapid pace- as churches, books, blogs, and websites are telling the truth about the TRUE ORIGIN of Satan. God’s will is being done and as the truth grows we will no longer be a slave to such a blatant lie that has manipulated millions of people. We should be BOLD and not be afraid to tell others, because GOD is with us. Thank you!Yours in Christ Jesus!~ Words Of Vision ~Author of God Reveals a Mystery!

  3. Ichthus says:

    Thanks for replying, Patricia.I haven’t really thought of Satan-being-Lucifer as a blatant lie, merely a misunderstanding. I noticed on your site that you considered the exctinction of the dinosaurs to have some connection to Satan’s demotion in the Garden… I see no connection.The blatant lie I have recognized is equating Jesus with Satan, as they are (it is assumed) both referred to as ‘star of the morning’. That was one reason I wanted to point out that Satan is not Lucifer. Even if he was the one referred to as ‘star of the morning’ (which he wasn’t)–such a title is not a person, but a poetic description of a person (could apply to any exceptionally great person).Sorry this particular thread has sort of disconnected thoughts, the only connection being Satan.

  4. Ichthus says:

    Patricia, I also just noticed you claim to be a prophetess and that your ‘mystery’ was revealed by God. I take that very seriously… such things should not be taken lightly at all. I don’t get the feeling that you are a genuine prophetess, and encourage you to be careful.

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