Get to know Mom by osmosis?

For a long time I have wondered “Why is there only one way to heaven?” I lost faith over questions like that. I walked away and became an atheist – I stopped asking “which way” and started asserting “death is just a sleep from which we never wake up”. I thought I would never have faith again, but I was wrong. He found me. The amazing things He did in my life were enough to “tide me over” – and once the old unanswered questions began to wash up on the shore once more – He began to answer them.

You don’t learn the contents of a book by osmosis. You have to read it. You don’t get to know your Mom… your best friend… your dog… by getting to know a tree or a rock or a statue – or a book about somebody else. The best way to get to know a person is by spending some time with them – not some person who, for example, has an intimate knowledge of their media persona. A good start, if you’ve never even met a person and you want to get to know them, is by reading their autobiography, how they have affected the world, what they’ve had to say to the world. That way, when you go to meet them for the first time, you’ll be able to recognize them (and be equipped with good talking points!). You don’t want second-hand rumors, you don’t want best guesses – that is, IF you want the truth, and IF you want to get to know them deeply (as deeply as He wants you to know Him – and that’s ‘deepest’). If you don’t want to know – you are nearly a phantom already, dying from apathy – but God can save you yet.

The way I see it, being that God exists and is revealing Himself to man, then every religion/philosophy except (if any) one is just giving their best guess about the way things are. (Before I was saved, I would have said every last one of them is just making stuff up.) God found me and led me back to where we left off (my bookmark was in James chapter 2, by the way…)… and I’ll never leave His side again.

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