Differing, changing concepts of gods/God — unchanging God.

I. Some have argued that the God of today is not jealous like the God of Old Testament times (see “The Jealousy of God”). Such folks have argued that the God of today is a different God from the God of Old Testament times. But the argument can only refer to concepts of God which change as we learn more about God, as God is unchanging, and there is only one God. God is a jealous God, during both Old and New Testament times – still is, and always will be. That means that if you screw up your relationship with God, or do something to come in between God and someone else – God’s jealousy is the expected result. That will never change.

II. Some have also argued that it is okay to name a current god or goddess with the name of a god or goddess found in the Old Testament, even though the Old Testament god or goddess had a filthy reputation for receiving child sacrifices (and other muck), because the god or goddess of today is a different god or goddess from the god or goddess found in the Old Testament (so its name’s reputation doesn’t matter, because it is just a name, and not the actual god or goddess – or so the argument goes). In this case, the god or goddess being referred to admittedly doesn’t even exist, or has changed so much that it can’t even be considered the same being (although – would you not say the memories of your childhood self are ‘your’ memories, though you admittedly are no longer a child?). If there is any being at all being worshiped, it is not unchanging God – therefore it is not love, truth, or life. Rather, it is a counterfeit, and thus inferior, and will not bring us unity with God, who is love, truth, and life – it will bring the opposite: disunity with God… apathy, deception, and death (ultimately spiritual, but let us not forget the children who were sacrificed). The same is true now of counterfeits, that was true of them in Old Testament times (minus, perhaps, the child sacrifices). But it cannot be said that the gods or goddesses of today are the same or different from the gods or goddesses of Old Testament times, because counterfeits (IF representing real beings) are not perfect and unchanging like God, so there is no standard by which to measure one’s concepts. The only thing you can conclude with certainty is that your concepts do not represent God. It is interesting to note, however, that the gods and goddesses (counterfeits) of the Old Testament had interchangeable names… could be substituted in place of eachother… unlike the Genuine Article, for which there is no substitute. Do you ever feel replaceable, like anybody could do your job? God doesn’t see you that way – and that’s the last thing the counterfeits (IF representing real beings) want you to realize. The real God totally rejected the religious practices (which included child sacrifice) of those who worshiped counterfeits (see “Against gods, goddesses, and sycretism”).

There is also the question of why one would give a filthy name to that which one worships… which is probably answered with the same answer to why one would prefer to worship a counterfeit, rather than the real God… the real, unchanging source of love, truth, and life. Time to wake up and smell the vomit. Or, no, I meant roses…

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