Prophecy of the Heir author interview: JC Lamont (9)

(cont.) What I meant about the key, was just how it burned Michael whenever Shaitan drew near.  The “One Ring” upsets Frodo terribly much the same way, and in similar circumstances.  But, do continue…

Oh, okay. I never really thought it that way, but you’re right. As for Lucifer’s forsaken sword being similar to the “One Ring,” giving him power as the ring gives Sauron power, again, I would have to say that wasn’t intentional. The “One Ring” acts more like horcruxes do in the Harry Potter series (and which originated in Slavic mythology). But this sword is not a horcrux. And as I have not yet divulged why this sword has so much power, and as that is a very big spoiler, I shall again say no more.

I never saw Michael and Gavriel as Frodo and Sam. In my mind, their relationship was much more like Aragorn and Boromir, and then Aragorn and Theoden—both very passionate in what they believe yet on opposite sides (take the ring to Gondor / call on Gondor for aid).

As for things intentionally inspired/borrowed from LOTR, they are: the Shekinah looks like a white ringwraith; Michael fears Lucifer’s old sword for the same reasons Aragorn fears the Narsil (in the movies); Mauriel’s voice is a spitting imitation of Arwen, and she glides around much the same; and Raphael’s playful personality is inspired by Legolas.

But mostly, my ideas stem from the Bible. To name a few, the 12 jewels in the hilt of the angel’s swords mimic those worn by the Hebrew priests, and which are in the New Jerusalem; the Shekinah taking the form of a dove stems from Jesus’ baptism; the Cheyoth/gargoyles are the four creatures of Ezekiel and Revelation; the Centaurs are the creatures who are currently awaiting release from the abyss in Rev 9:7-10; the four Ophanim are those in Rev 9:14,15 who lead an army of Khimari described in Rev 9:17-19; the angels ride flying, fiery horses as described in 2 Kings 2:11, whereas the Prince rides a white unicorn.  Revelation 19:11 says he returns on a white horse—I made it a unicorn, because they are often portrayed as symbolic of resurrection. Even Isis’ fanged frogs are from Revelation.

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