Prophecy of the Heir author interview: JC Lamont (8)

(cont.) In Chapter Two, you imply that math and technology are demonic, and this idea is reinforced elsewhere.  Did I read that wrong?

If a demon disguised as a human showed you how to do CPR on your dying child, and you were able to save your child’s life, does that make first aid demonic?  CPR remains neutral, regardless who taught it to you.

History and archeology tell us that Sumeria, Babylon, and Egypt sprung into existence as advanced societies. Secular historians and evolutionists scramble to explain this, since it flies in the face of evolutionary primitive man who can do no more than rub two sticks together to create fire. The Sumerians claim that their technological advancements stemmed from the Annunaki (which means those who from heaven to earth came), and that these Annunaki bred with mortal women. This is strikingly similar to the “sons of God” in Genesis 6. Both Babylon and Egypt claim their advancements came from the Sumerians. Many secular historians and scientists either disregard it as complete myth and say they have no idea how such societies existed (Stonehenge, the pyramids, etc.), while others assume that the Annunaki must have been highly-advanced alien life forms, which helped primitive man along.  Some even believe that life on earth was seeded by extra-terrestrials, a hypothesis called Panspermia theory (in particular, Directed Panspermia), which has been explored by the astrobiological community, as well as endorsed by atheist Richard Dawkins, astrophysicist Stephen Hawking, and Nobel Prize winning Professor Francis Crick.

How about in chapter fifteen, when you talk about Dionysus, and chapter sixteen.  Is all theatre evil?

Theatre was brought to us by the Greeks, a pagan nation that valued entertainment above all else. Theatre is not the issue here. It is priorities. What happened when Grecian culture overtook Israel? The temple (and God) fell to the wayside. According to Josephus, many Jews wished to participate in Grecian sports (which were done in the nude), thus they had surgeries to make themselves look uncircumcised because they were ashamed of their covenant with God. Satan can use a neutral thing like technology, sports, or theatre, or even Facebook, to lure us away from God. But that doesn’t make the thing itself demonic or evil.

Were the similarities I noticed in my review, between The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Lord of the Rings, and Prophecy of the Heir, all intentional?

Well, Lewis basically took the same story I did and rewrote it with a fantasy twist, just as I did, though his is decidedly more allegorical and thus fictional. But with both our fantasy worlds and characters portraying the same people in the same “plot”, there will naturally be similarities. Nothing was intentional that I remember. I did my world building in the first three years, so it was over five years ago when I finished, but I mainly looked to Rowling and Tolkien for inspiration.

I find the similarities you mentioned in LOTR interesting, as the ones you listed were by no means intentional. Below, I will tell you some similarities with LOTR that were in fact intentional.  First, though, you mentioned that a sword and a key in my story worked much the same as the “One Ring”. I don’t really see any similarities there. The “ring” allows Frodo to disappear from the mortal view and see Sauron, and become visible to the wraith world; it also alerts Sauron to his location. While the key Michael wears around his neck alerts him that Satan is nearby, he predominantly uses it to restrain Satan (2 Thessalonians 2:6,7). It’s a connection between them, more like Harry’s lightning bolt scar is to Voldemort. I have not yet revealed what this key actually locks or unlocks, so I shall say no more.

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