Prophecy of the Heir author interview: JC Lamont (7)

(cont.)  A thousand years before the Bible was written, the Chinese had a symbol for boat—8 people and a vessel. Many secular historians claim that cultures borrowed from each other, but that is highly coincidental, not to mention improbable, especially when they were separated by miles of mountains and oceans. It makes much more sense that the similarities stem from the fact that all people were once in the same place. The Chinese relate their history as told by their forefather, Noah’s son, Japheth, whereas the Hebrews got the story from Noah’s son, Shem, and so forth.

Another example of historical evidence would be whether or not man and dinosaurs co-existed. If we consider the fact that a reptile continues to grow until death, imagine what a “pre-historic” reptile, who shared the pre-Flood longevity of man, would look like. They would have grown to massive proportions. Now, if a worldwide Flood wiped them all out, what historical evidence would we find? Huge skeletal fossils. What do we find? Huge skeletal fossils.

However, if post-Flood reptiles (which most likely boarded the ark as juveniles) also suffered from the same decrease in longevity as did post-Flood man, they would have been much smaller. And if they coexisted with man, what evidence would we expect to find? Probably cave drawings, sculptures, and pottery depictions of dinosaurs beside more familiar animals like saber-tooth tigers, mammoths, and wolves. But what do we actually find? Cave drawings, sculptures, and pottery depictions of dinosaurs in precise anatomical detail. If ancient man had never seen such a creature, how could he possibly have drawn them with such accuracy including musculature, horns, bony frills, dorsal spikes, etc.? Yet secular historians (and scientists) discount these evidences because people called them dragons…even though the word dinosaur (terrible lizard) wasn’t even coined until 1841.

It is undisputed that ancient man hunted and killed extremely large, “prehistoric” animals, such as mammoths and saber-tooth tigers, so why is it not plausible that they also hunted large reptiles, i.e., small dinosaurs, as their histories show?

As far as science is concerned, I can tell you this: Science, by definition, is observable and repeatable. If all people stemmed from one woman, what would we find? Confirmation in DNA. What do we find? Confirmation in DNA.

Scientists have observed that small Floods cause fossils, rock layers, coal seams, and erosion canyons within hours and days, not years, let alone millions or billions of years. If we can observe small Floods doing these things, imagine what we would find if there had been a global Flood— fossils, rock layers, branched coal seams, polystrate fossils, and erosion canyons all over the earth. Perhaps millions or billions of years could also create these things, but that is mere speculation, and speculative theories are not science; rather they are the realm of science fiction.

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