Prophecy of the Heir author interview: JC Lamont (12)

(cont.) Have you read Wangerin’s The Book of God?  Did it have any influence on POTH?  How about Cheney’s The Life of Christ in Stereo?  Will you be consulting any Gospel harmonies in constructing Book Two?

I have not read The Book of God, and I have never heard of the other one. I have already constructed my own Gospel harmony using several popular guides as reference, which I then printed out and keep in a binder. This way I can highlight, mark up, make notes, etc.

I also created and printed out a 3-year Hebrew calendar (years 30 AD – 33 AD) with all the Jewish feasts Jesus would have attended, including which days he would have been traveling. I’ve incorporated the seasons, the weather, etc., and then lined up the different events we know took place during a particular time period, so that if, in my book, I write that the wheat fields were blowing in the distance during a particular sermon, they were. Or if he was preaching in a house because it was during the rainy season, it was. I figure if Tolkien can chart out when it was a full moon in a fiction story, the least I can do is figure out what the weather was, as accurately as possible.

I also have a 10+ page timeline of events going on in both Rome and Israel, which includes when new high priests were appointed, when an emperor died, when Pilate came into office, when he revoked the Sanhedrin’s right to execute the death penalty, etc. Very interesting stuff.

Indeed!  Write faster! :)

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