Prophecy of the Heir author interview: JC Lamont (10)

(cont.) Are Malakim really male and Seraphs really female?   Do they have the same sort of attraction to each other as between human males and females?  Will Michael and Mauriel remain platonic friends for all eternity?

Wow, that last question I never expected to be asked, especially since one reader informed me that they “found an archangel having a love life disturbing”. I’ve always thought of my angels as looking like Barbie and Ken dolls. Jesus says they don’t marry, thus I assume they don’t/can’t procreate, thus I assume they don’t have the necessary parts to do so.

But if you’re asking whether they can have both a romantic, yet platonic relationship, 1) I think a lot of readers would take issue to that; 2) Michael’s heart belongs to the Prince; and 3) I think of Michael and Mauriel as emotionally intimate, without being romantically intimate, if that makes sense. Michael turns to her when he feels the most vulnerable, when he needs someone near. As close as Michael is to the Prince, he wouldn’t turn to him when he needs the comfort of femininity. He’s not embarrassed to reveal his fear or shame to Mauriel, whereas he would not want to reveal these things to the Prince, with whom he wishes to appear confident, strong, and in control.

Okay, that makes sense (*sigh* … lol), but then why call Malakim male, and Seraphim female?  Is that biblical?

In regards to my book, my husband words it like this: Humans have sex, angels have gender. I did this for three reasons:

1) The Bible says that the throne of God is surrounded by angels singing his praises all day long. In my book, I tried to destroy the notion of effeminate male angels or cutesy naked angels with love arrows, by emphasizing the warrior nature of the Malakim. So, I made the worshipping angels female. Not that it can’t be manly to sing in a choir, but it’s just not the type of image you think of…Bruce Willis singing in the men’s choir at church when all of a sudden his police radio squawks: “Terrorists have overtaken…”

So for the story’s sake, my warrior angels do very male things—like archery and sword play.

2) It’s good for the plot. For the LOTR movies, the makers expanded upon the characters of Arwen and Eowyn because plots and audiences like to see female characters.

3) I wanted a female demon behind the goddess religion. Pagans believe that there is one goddess who has many names, so that is how I wrote her.

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