Book review: JC Lamont’s Prophecy of the Heir (4)


“I will pardon any who wish to be pardoned.” –The King, p.83

“Has he not offered them both pardon and life?  It is they who have rejected him, not he who has rejected them.” –Mauriel, p.85

“I should think you, more than any other, would know questioning Elyon is not considered treason.”  –The Prince, p.136

“If I destroy all who commit treason, I am a dictator.  If I prevent them from committing treason, I am a manipulator who withholds from them the right to choose.  And if I do nothing, in the hopes that they turn from treason and seek truth, I am accused of allowing suffering and not being of love.  So pray tell…what course of action could I take that would please you?” –The Prince, p.324

“Do not let your love for mortals kill you—that is not your path.” –The Prince, p.325

“You wouldn’t, by chance, be getting close to a mortal?” –Michael, p.485

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