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Below are listed the blog articles from the other Ichthus77, left over after you take out book discussions and reviews, poetry, Apologetics Toolbox articles, news articles, carnivals, and reblogging from other blogs:

JC Lamont’s “Prophecy of the Heir” on the problem of judgment
Does “judgment” contradict the Gospel? The Point.

Can you turn these into t-shirts and images for me?

The Humean-Platonic tripartite (Ought-Is-Belief) theory of (moral) knowledge
The hand of God vs chance
It just happened, eh?
What being is described by a without-God good?
Genuine faith is never blind
Bible Narrative Project year-in-review :)
Apologetics Bloggers Alliance collaborate for the 10th anniversary of 9/11
Why is apologetics so important?
Good without God?
The Golden Rule (self=Other) and God
Does prayer change the future?
Are you an essentialist or a voluntarist?
Past signatures and other miscellany…
Blind Will vs. Free Will

Leftover Legalism vs. Love
God’s Essential Nature
Against Pragmatism
Self and Refusing Thoughts
On the non-duality of good and evil.
God wills it (right) because He is good — essentialism.
Against Gnosticism
Astrophysics question for fun (time, matter/energy).
Natural Empathy and Supernatural Love
Predestination and Free Will
Can God do the meaninglessly impossible? *yawn*
Mystery in the Bible
The motivation to do good is God.
Science Experiment with Faith
If you were God, how would you make yourself known?
Is it a weakness for God to have feelings?
Satan is not actually “Lucifer”
Determinism and Free Will
How does nature know?
Problem of Evil
Authentic Truth in an Authentic Community
A Christian Alternative to the Marxist Revolution :^)
Is sexual preference decided by biological factors?
Napoleon on how Christ conquers.
Biological Homeostasis and Existentialist Intelligence
Overcoming and Yeats’ “Lapis Lazuli”
The Importance of Authentic Truth
Dawkins’ “Meme” and the Living Word of God :^)
WANTED: The Old Testament — dead… or alive?
Madness as Spiritual Suffering
Against gods, goddesses, and syncretism.
Lord Calls the Lowly
Faith vs. Works / blind faith discussed
Fear — from a biblical perspective.
Jesus’ Claims to Divinity
Differing, changing concepts of gods/God — unchanging God.
The Jealousy of God
God loves us.
Why Worship?
Get to know Mom by osmosis?

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