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"God and Evolution" reading log from Facebook

Some months back, Wintery Knight generously (though with the ulterior motive of converting me from BioLogos to I.D.) sent me “God and Evolution” edited by Jay Richards.  I determined to finish it by the end of the year and did … Continue reading

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Bible Narrative Project year-in-review :)

Those of you familiar with my Bible Narrative Project, which began January 1 of this year, might be interested in seeing the fruits of 2011’s labors.  I’m pretty happy about it, because I actually stuck to it and finished one of my huge … Continue reading

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Goodbye, Hitch

I didn’t feel like blogging when I found out Christopher Hitchens was gone.  I was just sad.  It didn’t surprise me, but it was an unwelcome cutting-off point.  An end to a discussion that reached no resolution.  Other bloggers managed … Continue reading

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