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Why does God allow sin? A bit of a different take.

This question was submitted by a woman via email in preparation for an apologetics discussion my sister and I held this past weekend at a women’s retreat hosted by Redeemer Modesto, our church home. I want to share my answer … Continue reading

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Kindly tilling out obstacles is the work of gospel-rooted apologetics

Apologetics is Kindly Tilling the Ground Apologetics kindly tills out obstacles against a firmly rooted faith. My sister (Laura) and I had the privilege of holding an apologetics discussion this weekend with a group of women from Redeemer Modesto (our … Continue reading

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Top phone apps for deeper Bible study and apologetics

Download these phone apps for deeper Bible study and apologetics (answers and evidence), listed in no particular order: 1. Cold Case Christianity – J. Warner Wallace 2. EQUIP (Bible Answer Man) 3. Doubt Busters 4. Real Truth Real Quick 5. … Continue reading

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