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Christmas 2012 in Review: He Came to Us

Over at Christian Apologetics Alliance I had the pleasure of blogging my church’s Christmas sermon series, called “He Came to Us”.  There were four sermons in the series preached by Jim Applegate at Redeemer in Modesto, each sermon taking one … Continue reading

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Poll: What grounds objective moral truth?

Choose one option from this poll: God wills the good in accordance with his loving nature. The good is a construct of God, man or nature. Nothing, there are only constructs which do not obligate. In other words: What grounds … Continue reading

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The true meaning of Christmas

Christmas, whatever its true date, is when God became one of us, so that when the time came, he could demonstrate, by dying for us, that he loves us despite our works, whether they are good or sin–…demonstrate that his … Continue reading

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