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Celebrity twins related only in my mind…

When I was in my teens, I would draw connections between different pairs (or triplets) of celebrities.  Off the top of my head… Madonna and Cindi Lauper Michael Jackson and Prince John Denver and Chuck Norris George Michael and Elton … Continue reading

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Dialogue with Tristan Vick on the Golden Rule

In this Euthyphro Dilemma thread I began a dialogue with Tristan Vick, which I continue in this Golden Rule thread, and bring to the top in the thread you are now reading. Tristan replies: With 1)God commands/reveals in accordance with … Continue reading

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Dialogue on Euthyphro’s Dilemma with Tristan Vick and Mike D

Update 10/16:  I’ve added my reply to the end of this post.  Thanks. :) Backstory of this dialogue:   1.  I posted the “Dear Euthyphro” meme on the Facebook page for Christian Apologetics Alliance.  The meme reads: Dear Euthyphro,  God … Continue reading

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How to add a PayPal donate button on a WordPress site

My friend over at RazorSwift asked me how to add a donate button on a WordPress site. One of our mutual friends referred him to me, thinking I would know. So, of course…I tinkered around until I figured it out! … Continue reading

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