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JC Lamont’s "Prophecy of the Heir" on the problem of judgment

Over the summer I read JC Lamont‘s Prophecy of the Heir, and not included in my review and author interview is mention that my absolute favorite thing about this book is how Lamont unapologetically, yet with the prowess of an … Continue reading

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JC Lamont interview and Prophecy of the Heir review

I recently had the pleasure of reading and reviewing JC Lamont’s debut work of literary apologetics, Prophecy of the Heir, as well as interviewing its author, JC Lamont: Book review: JC Lamont’s Prophecy of the Heir August 27, 2012 Shorter reviews on … Continue reading

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Groothuis’ "Christian Apologetics" ch.12: The Design Argument

Resuming our discussion of Groothuis’ Christian Apologetics: “[Dembski’s] method of detecting intelligent causes is already accepted in several areas of science, namely, archaeology, forensic science, intellectual property law, insurance claims investigation, cryptography, random number generation and the search for extra terrestrial intelligence … Continue reading

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Facebooked food pics, with recipes

Christmas Cookie Decorating Ingredients: Sugar cookies in Christmas shapes Cream cheese cake frosting Food coloring Candy sprinkles Directions: 1.  Put cake frosting in as many bowls as you have colors. 2.  Color the cake frosting with food coloring until you’ve … Continue reading

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buried deep in thought the crucible of reason forges swords of truth (btw…my recent Haikus are not completely only mine, as my first lines are the last lines of Haikus that preceded mine in the Creative Writing forum at … Continue reading

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Does "judgment" contradict the Gospel? The Point.

This past week I’ve been doing a study of the Gospels, highlighting every time Jesus talks about the reason he became flesh. One thing that has become obvious is that the Good News is synonymous with the kingdom of God/heaven … Continue reading

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