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Does Theism Foster Scepticism? | Reasonable Faith

Does Theism Foster Scepticism? | Reasonable Faith — These Q&A by Dr. William Lane Craig come right to my Inbox.  I found this one particularly interesting.  It mentions Plantinga’s argument against naturalism, Descarte’s evil demon (with a deceptive God version), as … Continue reading

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Can you turn these into t-shirts and images for me?

If you know how to design these t-shirts, contact me!  I want somewhere on each t-shirt.  No pocket t-shirts, and no close-fitting t-shirts.  I hate white t-shirts, primary colors and pastels.  I will give this project to whomever can … Continue reading

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Groothuis’ "Christian Apologetics" ch.11: Cosmological Arguments

I very much enjoyed this chapter from Groothuis’ Christian Apologetics on cosmological arguments. There are three:  Principal of Sufficient Reason (Leibniz), Kalam Cosmological Argument (Muslim theologians, St. Bonaventure, WLC, etc.), and what I’d like to call the Non-eternal Heat Death Argument (cool YouTube … Continue reading

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Answering Lawrence Krauss’ marking Higgs Boson as "Godless" Particle

Scientists have found a subatomic particle they think may be the long-invoked Higgs Boson.  In a blog called Cosmic Log on, Alan Boyle quotes an email from Lawrence Krauss that deems the Higgs Boson the “Godless Particle”. To learn … Continue reading

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Beyer Skate Park

My nephew stayed the night and the boys were up early playing games, so we hit CJ’s drive-thru for breakfast on the Beyer skate park bleachers: Lee got to come! The playground is in the background. The skate park is … Continue reading

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New Additions to "Blogs" and Apologetics Daily

Christian Apologetics Alliance and its off-shoot, Apologetics Bloggers Alliance, have grown between my departure and return to Facebook, requiring some updates to my Blogs page, and, here shortly, Apologetics Daily: Appeared to Blogly – Chad McIntosh Attempts at Honesty – … Continue reading

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Mexican Mountains recipe

An old family favorite my mom found when I was a young’n:  Mexican Mountains (my recipe on Taste Book)!  It’s a do-it-yourself type of taco salad w/o the shell, and makes a great buffet-style meal at a large gathering of family … Continue reading

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