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I will return to this every morning until I become it.

Let my heart be your dwelling placeIndwell me, dwell in my heartLet me find my acceptance in youand share your acceptance with othersWe cannot deserve or earn what we already haveEspecially when at an impasse–Let my will be your willLet … Continue reading

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New Christian Carnival is…

here! :)  Features my latest ‘deconstruction‘ of Sam Harris’ “objective moral truth”.

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Why Sam Harris’ "objective moral truth" hovers over an abyss…

Let x be any concept that refers.  See Jime’s comment here for background on Sam Harris’ use of the word “objective”. P1:  Every possible meaning of x is subject to change unless there is a being to which an unchanging … Continue reading

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New Christian Carnival is…

here.  My Facebook poll on the grounding for objective moral truth is featured.

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New Philosophers’ Carnival is…

here.  It features my book discussion of Christopher Norris’ Epistemology.

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Norris’ Epistemology book discussion.

Christopher Norris The following has all been moved from here. Norris’ Epistemology; starting point, updates  Norris’ “Epistemology” Intro. I Norris’ “Epistemology” Intro. II Norris’ “Epistemology” Intro. III Norris’ “Epistemology” Intro. IV Norris’ “Epistemology” Ch1.I Norris’ Epistemology Ch1.II-III Norris’ Epistemology Ch2.I Norris’ “Epistemology” … Continue reading

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Craig v Harris debate post mortem, audio, video and transcript

First, here is the audio, part 1 of 9 video and the transcript (thanks to MandM) of The God Debate II between Craig and Harris answering the question “Is the foundation of morality natural or supernatural?”  Second, here is my open letter … Continue reading

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Blog Discussion and Sermon Ideas for Tim Keller’s "The Reason for God"

I have moved everything from here (on my forum) to here (on the blog you are currently reading). Below is an online book discussion of Tim Keller’s The Reason for God, originally posted at, followed by some ideas I … Continue reading

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