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Open letter to William Lane Craig regarding April 7 debate with Sam Harris

[ Reposting from Friday. ] I know you are a seasoned apologist but wondered if you will be using Hume’s is-ought fallacy, and Harris’ appreciation of correspondence theory, to question Harris on what his real ought corresponds to in reality, … Continue reading

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William Lane Craig v Lawrence Krauss debate audio, post-mortem

Debate audio: A brief post-mortem from Craig: This just happened last night and I haven’t had a chance to listen as my computer wouldn’t let me.  So I’m going to try the audio tonight–just downloaded.

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Natural law, divine command and Euthyphro’s dilemma resolved

…using Hume’s is-ought distinction’s mirror concept, the ought-is distinction***. Euthyphro’s dilemma:  “Is the pious loved by the gods because it is pious?  Or is it pious because it is loved by the gods?”  This can be reworded to read “Is … Continue reading

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Just Love

When people say “God is both love and just” (usually when hell, or predestination vs. free will, is the topic) they make love and forgiveness look unjust, and they make justice look unloving and unforgiving. But true love is just, … Continue reading

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Philosophers’ Carnival #122

Welcome to the 122nd fortnightly edition of Philosophers’ Carnival!  Without too much ado [ besides a plug for the Carnival’s new FB page ] I present to you a philosophers’ blog carnival that is (this round) predominantly about mostly Philosophy of Religion and mostly Ethics…with a smidge … Continue reading

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Notes: Judges 4-5:31, Ruth 2:1-23

Judges 4-5:31, Ruth 2:1-23 Bible Narrative Project Judges: Of course I am rather partial to this Deborah character, as well as to Jael. Barak…hm…the name reminds me of Barack Obama. Ruth: Ruth is gleaning in Boaz’ field to help Naomi, and … Continue reading

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Philosophers’ Carnival call for submissions

This blog will be the host of the next (March 14) edition of Philosophers’ Carnival.  Submit your favorite recent philosophy blog article here by March 12. Happy blogging :) Maryann P.S.  Philosophers’ Carnival is now on FB–“like” it :)

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Notes: Judges 3:9-31, Ruth 1:14-22

Judges 3:9-31, Ruth 1:14-22 Bible Narrative Project Judges: The story of Ehud is one of my favorites. Dude walks right into the king’s domain and the sword goes all the way into the fat. So much bravery, so much disgustingness. Ruth: … Continue reading

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Notes: Judges 1:1-3:8, Ruth 1:1-13

Judges 1:1-3:8, Ruth 1:1-13 Bible Narrative Project Background on Ruth from the book intro link above: “The story is set in the time of the judges, a time characterized in the book of Judges as a period of religious and moral … Continue reading

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Notes: Joshua 22-24

Joshua 22-24 Bible Narrative Project Ch22: Reuben Gad and Manasseh go back across the Jordan to their agreed-upon land and set up a controversial altar, which they explain is not in place of the main altar, but only a copy … Continue reading

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