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The Bible as a Narrative

Reposting from December of 2009, to update on new project: Check it out *** Update 1/1/11:  The Bible Narrative Project is complete and the 2011 study began today at the beginning of Genesis and Job and will be working through the … Continue reading

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Replacing Agnosticism with Apisticism

This article argues we replace the word “agnosticism” (lack of knowing) with the word “apisticism” (lack of believing) on every belief scale.  The current debate between Myers and Coyne on the falsifiability of atheism is complicated by a misunderstanding of faith/belief as … Continue reading

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Dawkins, Craig and others debate: "Does the universe have a purpose?"

Matt Ridley, Michael Shermer, Richard Dawkins VS Rabbi David Wolpe, William Lane Craig, Douglas Geivett @La Ciudad de las Ideas 2010 I was wondering when Dawkins would talk about the science of morality, but he only mentioned it at the … Continue reading

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Is-ought fallacy and knowledge as justified, true belief

The is-ought fallacy (Hume) is a real fallacy, and is why knowledge is justified, true belief (Plato). In order to be knowledge, a belief must both be justified by the evidence, and true by correspondence. If we consider justified a belief … Continue reading

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