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On the non-duality of good and evil.

Some believe that good and evil are equal and opposite forces in constant struggle with eachother. Actually, good is the default, and evil is a privation, or absence of good. Read on… From “Introduction to Philosophy: A Christian Perspective” (Geisler, … Continue reading

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God wills it (right) because He is good — essentialism.

God’s nature, which is, granted, supernatural, is supreme over His will… check it oot… Quotes from “Intro. to Philo.” – Geisler, Feinberg… “Ethical Voluntarism – The ethical view that traces moral principles to God’s will; something is right because God … Continue reading

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Against Gnosticism

Some warm-up reading: Isaiah 6:9-10, Ezekiel 12:2, Luke 10:21, 1 Corinthians 1:18-2:16… Isaiah 35:4-5. This (longish) study is split up into different parts in this thread:Part 1 – intro., excerpts from extra-biblical sources.Part 2 – excerpts from introductions of relevant … Continue reading

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Astrophysics question for fun (time, matter/energy)

I have an astronomy question I was wondering if you could answer, or could point me in the right direction to getting the answer. Hypothetically, if the past still exists and the future already exists – what would that say … Continue reading

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Natural Empathy and Supernatural Love

Natural Empathy and Supernatural Love In this thread I’m just making sure my ideas on morality are consistent… Some verses on generally revealed morality: Luke 6:32-35; Romans 1:19; 2:14. A while back I compiled a list of potentially conflicting ideas … Continue reading

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Predestination and Free Will

This thread updates the old “determinism and free will” thread. Predestination and Free Will I start off asking a question for the purpose of introducing concepts in its answer: freedom and determinism: compatible or incompatible? Ultimately, though, the question is: … Continue reading

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Can God do the meaninglessly impossible? *yawn*

Can God make a rock so heavy He can’t lift it? It’s about logical paradox. When something is a paradox, it loses meaning. God cannot make a rock so heavy He cannot lift it, because that is a meaningless statement. … Continue reading

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Mystery in the Bible

Supernatural truths are divinely introduced via revelation from God, and so are referred to as ‘mysteries’ – as they are not “self-evident” (natural) truths (Rom 1:20; 2:14-15). Here is a collection of Zondervan NASB Study Bible notes on verses which … Continue reading

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Glimpse of Eternity

This post gives a glimpse of “Eternity in Their Hearts” by Don Richardson, who is recognized for his anthropological and linguistic work among the Sawi people of Irian Jaya. Edward B. Tyler’s theory that monotheism evolved has been refuted for a long time. … Continue reading

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The motivation to do good is God.

Some who glorify evil imply that the only motivation to do good is lost when God is not in the picture. In a way this is true, because, as Jesus said, “I am the vine and you are the branches … Continue reading

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